Bryn English

Occupation - Nursing Student/Bartender/Model

Birth Date - February 15 1996

Hometown - West Palm Beach, FL

Zodiac Sign - Aquarius

College Major - UCF/Nursing

Height - 5’ 10’' 


  1. So far what has been your favorite part about 2016?
    My favorite thing about 2016 so far is definitely my first Coachella experience. I went with a really good group of friends and had the time of my life!

  2. What do you hope to accomplish by 2020?
    By 2020 I hope to have completed nursing school, moved back to LA, and at that time be in a Nurse practitioner graduate program.

  3. What would you say influences your day-to-day personal style?
    I would say my style is really laid-back, casual, and beachy.

  4. When modeling, where is your favorite location to shoot?
    I love how every shoot is different but I would prefer shooting outside rather than in a studio.

  5. Do you have any hidden talents people are usually surprised by?
    I have played the piano since I was really little.

  6. When you aren’t modeling, what do you do it your free time?
    In my free time if I’m not at the beach, I’m usually spending time with my friends, family and my dog.

  7. What is your favorite KYBOE! watch collection?
    I absolutely love the Radiant Collection!

Waterfall Photo Shoot

Beachside Photo Shoot