About Us

Born out of the notorious nightlife of Ibiza and the elite beaches of St. Tropez, KYBOE! has grown into a global watch sensation whose unmistakably bold and sexy design continues to demand the attention of trendsetters everywhere.

Our Story

Born and raised in the Netherlands, KYBOE! founders Dick Sijmons and Kees de Bruïne have been best friends since childhood. As they grew up, they discovered a shared passion for travel, music and adventure mixed with a laid back, bohemian lifestyle.

But for all of their carefree tendencies, the pair also happened to share a love for fashion and business. So, they began making their own bright, fashionable, watches and accessories that could show off their enthusiasm for life.

Dick's stylish designs and Kees' natural charisma made the watches a national success in the Netherlands, but they wanted more. They saw an opportunity to make bigger, bolder, higher quality products... and that's when KYBOE! was born.


Dick and Kees’ easy-going attitude was infectious, and in no time they had a list of distributors asking to partner with them. In fact, KYBOE! sold as many as 200,000 watches in the Netherlands, St. Tropez and Ibiza alone.

In 2015, entrepreneur Marc Bell, a long-time customer and advocate for KYBOE!, insisted on helping the brand take off in North America. He brought on board Joe Roos, an experienced retail investor, and they reached out to Dick and Kees to make it happen.

Now, KYBOE! is a global brand with stores across Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania. Our watches are often spotted being worn by big-name celebrities—including DJ Tiesto, Sean Paul, DJ Armin Van Buuren, Kim Kötter and Wesley Sneijder.

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